About the Charitable Foundation


Since its beginning as on-site “brass pools,” the Building Trades of Alberta Charitable Foundation has grown into a large and successful organization that has helped numerous Albertans and their communities, providing over $8 million to over 70 non-profit organizations across our province.

The foundation began on Father’s Day in 1991 when volunteers stood outside liquor stores around Alberta to collect donations for D.A.D.s Day (Dollars Against Diabetes). Those raffles developed into fully licensed events through the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, and in 2001, the Building Trades of Alberta Charitable Foundation was formalized. 

The foundation focuses on raising money for worthy causes and bringing unionized labour and industry together at various fundraising events. 

Events like the annual golf tournament, which we proudly host in memory of Brother John Tackaberry, former director of the BTA Charitable Foundation, bring us together in solidarity to raise funds for important charities.

Since the inaugural 2015 John Tackaberry Memorial Golf Tournament, it has raised more than $820,000.00. Organizations that have benefited include Canadian Diabetes, Edmonton Public Library School Foundation, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Fresh Start Recovery, Job Safety Skills Society, Glenrose Hospital Foundation, and The Secord Community League Playground, to name a few.

We’re proud of the grassroots support and hard work our members have put into the foundation to ensure its success. Members have sold tickets at hockey games, walked in support of prostate cancer research, given up well-earned breaks to sell raffle tickets and much more. 

They do all this because there’s a sense of pride in the foundation that runs through them. And it’s because of this passion the foundation’s legacy will live on through various projects it has supported, like the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital’s Building Trades of Alberta Courage Centre; the $2.6 million raised for diabetes research in Edmonton, or the money donated to help keep STARS air ambulance in the sky. The foundation has left a positive mark on our province, and with your support, it will continue to do so.

This year marks the 6th year the Building Trades of Alberta Charitable Foundation will host the annual John Tackaberry Memorial Golf Tournament. As director of the Building Trades of Alberta Charitable Foundation, John believed deeply in the foundation and worked hard to ensure its success.

John promoted the value skilled tradespeople brought to their communities and represented the generosity that can help save lives and change futures. You and your organization can help continue John’s legacy by participating in and/or sponsoring this tournament. Doing so demonstrates your commitment to helping the less fortunate, which helps to raise us all up.